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Email Scams have been around for many years and have evolved repeatedly through years to quick scary levels. Generally, Email Scams are mostly based out Nigeria and even some out of Russia. Email Scammers the same as Tech Support Scammers pray on Social Engineering and convince you that something is something when it is not. Overall, the Scam is quite pathetic however makes a lot of money for the Scammers in long run. This is one Scam that won’t be going away any time soon.

Brief Examples:

So to give a little introduction to topic and some examples of this Scam I will list some prime examples of Scams that have circulated through spam emails and also my overall analysis on them.

Fake Lottery Scams – Extremely popular and still around today. Attempt to persuade you that you have won at large amount of money when you have not. They say you will have to pay a lump sum and money to them before they will release your prize. All these Scammers want is to steal your identity and also your Credit Card. If you get a spam email of this nature, simply just delete it and don’t entertain emails like this – there are Scams. Instead delete the email and tell friends also.

Variations of this Scam:

  • European Union Lottery (Never existed completely fake)
  • Gmail Lottery – (Complete nonsense)
  • Volkswagen Lottery – (More fake rubbish)
  • London 2012 Olympics Lottery – (Never existed in first place yet another Scam)
  • Windows Lottery (Completely fake)

There are more than a 100 variations for this Scam and those above are just a sample of examples.

To conclude if you receive an email of this nature simply just delete and don’t bother opening it.

Inheritance Scams – Extremely popular still however being a lot more sophisticated. This is another Scam which prays on Social Engineering and it involves most commonly a sad story a story of which most of the time is too good to be true.

Just for this article I have written up a mock-up version to show you how it works:

I have sadly been diagnosed with Cancer recently alongside heart disease. I have a very rich father who sadly died years ago where I inherited all his millions – he was a very rich man. Doctors say I have a 75% chance of dying due to this and I would like you to inherit my millions from my father. I currently have £75,000,000 and would like you to have it…

This is a brief example of a spam email sent by the Scammers. Basically it tries to impact you personally and get a response from you. By saying that the writer has Cancer and also has heart disease it is supposed to make you feel sorry for them and want to take the money. In my opinion however the whole scenario of this Scam email is above as tedious. The Scammers clearly like to demonstrate the idea that she has both Cancer and heart disease in order to provoke a reaction from you – however in reality at the same time this is highly unlikely to happen. Sometimes, every scarier these Scammers even know your name and address you correctly. Regardless, this really this one pathetic Scam and should be avoided. Itis highly unlikely someone you have never meet will give you any money especially millions and this is what makes this Scam so ridiculous.

There is another variation of this Scam where the person begs for money. Where they have been stuck in a really bad situation like getting stranded in a foreign country and need money quickly. All these Scammers want is your Credit Card details end of story.

Simply avoid these emails and report them to ActionFraud through their report tool on their website.

Financial Scams – These are becoming much more common now. Basically, the idea of this Scam is to persuade you too sign-up a get rich Scam which often involves trading in binary. With trading with binary you are unlikely to make anything never mind millions and that’s what makes this Scam so pathetic. Other variations of this go by persuading you to invest in the stock markets on fake companies. All of these go by a common theme of all being definite Scams and pray on the inexperienced.

Here’s some known Financial Scams you should avoid:

  • IRS – Most popular and most profitable. Attempts to persuade you that you need to pay taxes otherwise the authorities will take legal action against you. Reality is this is not real and is fake.
  • HMRC – Similar nature to IRS and attempts to persuade you to pay Scammers you suspect to be HMRC money. Ignore emails like this.
  • PayPal – Attempts to persuade you that you are due some money back. Just put in your Credit Card details. Complete Scam so just avoid.
  • The Brit Method + Many Others – Would win the award in being one of the most stupid Scams going. Fake binary Scam and worthless. Don’t entertain Scams like these ever.

NEVER give you your Credit Card details to any person through email regardless of who requests it.  

Online Working Scams – Quite popular these days and involves a potential victim signing up to a fake get rich scheme much like with “Financial Scams”. Commonly, found on shady websites and display banner advertisements. They particularly show Mothers alongside their children to make it look like it can be done while staying at home. In reality all of this is a cheap Scam in con potential victims into signing up a fake scheme.

Pharmacy Scams – Becoming more and more popular now and most begin through typical spam emails. Involves persuading a victim that they can by cheap drugs at rock bottom prices. The most popular example of this being Viagra which they say you can get for only a matter of a few Dollars. Typically, common in the US unlike the UK which has a NHS where prescription medicine is free. Do not order prescriptions from an unknown website because you do not know where it comes from and could be out-of-date or even worth fake. It’s not worth risking your life over. If you get emails and this nature, simply avoid and tell your friends also.

Dating/Casual Encounters Scams – Also becoming more and more popular these days. These spam emails are typically distributed to increase traffic for a particular Scam website which often includes either Dating or Casual Encounters. Typically, all these women found on these websites are fake and they are all run by bots. They will try to charge you hundreds of Dollars to sign up for this. Instead ignore these websites and delete any emails you get from them.

All credit of this work goes to Ewan Birnie.

For more info on Email Scammers, See Ewan’s Video here


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