[Closed] Forms will be Merging with Tech Scammers United  

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Hey Everyone, 

The SPS Forms will be merging with Tech Scammers United at all site users have been sent an email regarding this. 

The date that the forms will be closing permanently will be October 22nd. 

After that date, all form posts will be permanently deleted and this page will no longer exist on the website. You'll still be able to login to your account as usual and comment on website posts. Nothing will be happening to your accounts. 

The reason for the merge is because TSU is a full form site rather than just a mini-form like this one and it's ran by our very own ScammerRevolts

If you are interested in signing up do so at (All site users as of 10/8/18 have been sent an invite to join.) Even after these forms are closed you can still sign up. So you don't have to sign up right away. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me below.

[email protected] 


Posted : 08/10/2018 3:46 pm