The Art and Fun of deleting things off scammers computers

Those that follow our YouTube channel (subscribe here) know that we’ve been having lots of fun lately when it comes to deleting files off of scammers computers. As of this post, we have made 4 total videos of this topic alone because of how widely popular it is in the community and because of the sensation of getting back at scammers, harder than ever before possible. You may be wondering how this is possible, well, unfortunately, we can’t disclose this, not because of legal reasons, we don’t care about the legal aspect of this. We are deleting victims’ information that is stored on scammers’ computers so they can’t bother them again in the future. The reason we can’t disclose this is because we want to keep it a secret so scammers don’t catch on. This really isn’t likely though I mean let’s face it, scammers are pretty stupid but it’s better safe than sorry.

This all started when Refund Scams started in probably around the summertime of 2018, a live scammer or a robot, calls and says that the company is closing down and you are due to get a refund. Lately, they’ve also, been calling saying that your subscription is going to be renewed at XXXX amount and to call if you don’t want it renewed to get a refund. You call the number and they connect to your computer using Team Viewer and since most of these call centers are in India, TeamViewer blocked connections from India because of the epidemic that is tech support scams. In order to get around this, scammers would have you connect to their computer and switch sides, well scam baiters didn’t switch sides of course we used this time to download and delete whatever files we could in the limited time we had. If we were lucky we would even manage to lock the scammer out of their computer! (One of our Senior Members has had alot of luck with this, his channel here.) Even after all this Refund scammers continued to use TeamViewer to connect to victims’ computers and risk losing their files. Why? TeamViewer has a unique feature that allows the remote user to black the screen, this is important in this scam. The scammers have you log into your bank account so they can “transfer the refund” however, once you log-on to your bank, they black your screen and usually if you have money in your savings will transfer it from there into your checking account and will use a tool on web browsers called “Inspect Element” (More about that here) to change details on the page to make it look like they sent the money. If you don’t have money in your savings they will just edit a checking account transaction to make it look like they added money. Either way, they will say that they transferred too much money and that you need to transfer the money back or they will hold your accounts or freeze them, etc, all scare tactics. To see examples of this scam, please check our playlist here.

Now back on the topic of deleting scammers files, like scammers we too evolve on our scambaiting tactics and how we approach scammers as a whole so we no longer are relying on the old TeamViewer way of getting access to scammers computers. However, as previously stated, we can’t disclose what that is. Don’t just let me tell you about it! The videos posted below are examples of some of the fun we have deleting scammers files!

Video 1 of 4

This first video is probably the most humorous of the four, in this video, I get connected to the scammer’s computer and he starts to think that my call is a “prank call” and starts saying things like “fool enough for our games” and he knows that this is a prank and starts asking me if I think he’s too stupid for this, however, while he is saying all these things he has no idea I have connection to his computer and are deleting all of his files as we speak. He also had a really weird file on his computer that contained rap lyrics! I, of course, highlight this and make fun of it in the video.

Video 2 of 4

This next video, the scammer was a little more feisty! Once he had finally had enough of me wasting his time, he tried to put a SYSKEY on my Virtual Machine, however, I took measures so this wasn’t possible and so he starting swearing at me in Hindi which, of course, I was used to but, little did he know I had already deleted all his files! [Scambaiter 1-0 Scammer] Sorry scammer! (Not really)

Video 3 of 4

In this third video, I deal with one of probably the stupidest scammers I’ve ever come across. The raw video file was at least an hour and thirty (01:30:00) yes, almost a movie-length long of me just losing connection than easily gaining it again. It got to the point that I even started making it obvious that I was connected to his computer, I tried many things to crash it too (This wasn’t in the video though to save on time.) Towards the end, I had to literally tell him what I did and upload a text file to his desktop so he knew what I did. His reaction is pretty funny, however!

Video 4 of 4

In this last video, I had a hard time with the title because yes, we are deleting scammers files but however, there was also a more educational side to it. This scammer unlike the last three wasn’t actually a refund scam. It was your typical run of the mill tech support scam however, this scammer just jumped straight into asking me what plan I wanted which a real tech support agent would never do so I just went with it. I, of course, had a connection to his computer which I don’t think I’ve gotten connection to a scammers computer that wasn’t a refund scammer in the past. It was interesting because we get to see how unprofessionally and insecurely he handled personal information, of course, the info I gave him was fake but if it was real there would be no excuse for it. Like the others, towards the end, I ended up deleting whatever files he had.

Finally, other than the obvious humor aspect, there is to this, this has caused us as scam baiters to learn more about scammers as you could imagine. Like for example, ironically scammers for some reason all have inspirational quotes as their desktop background. I know if I was scamming people I’d want to be inspired! Also, scammer scripts, tasks that need to be completed during a “scam session” if you will, etc. We hope to post more information about this in the near future when we update our scammer tactics page. Be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you get updates as soon as these types of videos are posted!

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