The long-standing battle with Google Voice|Changes to the SPS Hotline

Since SPS started almost three years ago now (Crazy I know!) We had used Google Voice for all of our phone related needs and It’s worked out great until recently. For those who don’t know what Google Voice is, it essentially allows you to get a free VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to use as a forwarding number to your already existing landline or cellphone. This is useful if you have a small business from home and you want clients to call you but you don’t want to give out your personal number. We were using the service directly to make and receive calls without a forwarding number. However, Google has decided that they don’t like users using their services on other platforms other than their own. I personally saw this coming years before this when they stopped letting Third-party apps connect to their services to make calls directly on Smart Phones. Now they are refusing connections to PBX based systems like ours. So I’ve finally have had enough of this. I’m announcing today that I am no longer going to be using Google Voice for phone related needs. Currently, I’m looking into porting our existing numbers over to a new service called Skyetel, this way we can keep our numbers and we won’t have to memorize new numbers. This service is designed for PBX systems like ours and we won’t have to worry about wondering if our system is online from one day to the next like we had to with Google Voice.

You might be wondering why we choose to stick with Google Voice so long if it’s this irritating well the simple answer is it costs nothing. However, nothing in life is really “Free” what you may not be spending on money, you are spending with something else and in our case it was time.

Due to this change, the SPS Hotline will be down for sometime until we get either Skyetel or another SIP Provider in place that will allow us to make a and receive calls. We apologize for the inconvenience and we will update you when we get going again and if our main number changes.

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