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Have you ever wondered if there were tech support scammers out there that targeted Mac users? Well I did and not surprising, there is. Granted there aren’t as many out there as there are Windows tech support scammers. This is simply do to the fact that there are more Windows users out there than Mac users. It had came to my attention that there aren’t any videos that I could find on YouTube that showed the tactics scammers use on Mac users to trick them into paying for services they don’t need for issues they don’t have, just like on Windows. This video is the first video of many I plan to make that shows the tactics used by these scammers.

In this video we call a company called “Call Tech Solutions” also known as, “IT Trendz Solution LLC” that claims to be offering Mac technical support on one of it’s many spam websites.

They also claim to offer HP Support, iPhone Support, iPad Support and Android Support. Below you can see more of their spam websites.



One thing you’ll notice about all of them is how similar they are. If you’re wondering, these are all separate domains. This isn’t anything new, tech support scammers typically do this to spam their phone number all over the internet. You’ll notice that their number 800-712-0806 is on every site. Once I called this number I told the scammer my Mac was running slow and that it was brand new and I couldn’t figure out why it was running so slow. He connected to the clean Virtual Machine (VM) I had set up for this video knowing good and well the VM was clean and nothing wrong with it. Yet somehow he managed to find issues that aren’t actually there. Once connected, things went south real fast.



The first scam he performed was going into Settings, Security and Privacy and clicked on Firewall. He made the statement that the firewall was off (by default it is off) Mac’s don’t have the same vulnerabilities that Windows machines do so it really isn’t needed but it’s included if the user should choose to use it. He says it’s been turned off because of ‘spyware’ on my computer. This couldn’t be anymore false. First of all, he JUST got on the machine and no scans of ANY kind were done. Yet somehow he magically knew there was spyware on the computer.



He then proceeded to tell me that there were alot of third party connections on my computer (hackers) and shows me these ‘Connections’ by opening Console. He says that all the errors and warnings are from the ‘Spyware’ when really they are normal computer logs of what’s going on throughout the system.



Next, he opens Terminal and runs the ‘netstat’ command. Like Windows, this shows all the active connections on running on the machine. He lies and says that these completely normal connections are ‘bad people’ getting connected to my computer. Interestingly enough however he doesn’t seem to realize he called himself a ‘bad person’ because his connection also, showed up in the list. “express.goto.https” is the connection to the remote software he is using to connect to the VM. The rest are normal connections found on any computer and are not ‘bad people’ trying to connect.



After this, he wanted me to type my card information into a chat box which is totally unprofessional and not secure. Even after asking for a secure form, they insisted that I type in the info into the text box. (Good thing it was fake info!)



Once they had the fake details, they showed me another ‘issue’ on my computer and opened Terminal again and ran the ‘Top’ command. He told me that the drivers were damaged and that the 868 Threads shown at the top were malicious files that were running on the machine. Like everything else, this is false. The processes are all the process running on the computer so the macOS can operate.

Finally, he sat there and was going to charge me around $100 some dollars for a ‘One time fix’ then it was pushed to a three year plan, then the lifetime plan which ended up being $1,499 dollars for fake services that weren’t needed and for issues that weren’t there. Below was the final Invoice I got in my email. I didn’t pay of course, when I called them out they simply hung up. Not shocking all scammers are cowards.


As you can see, Mac users are not immune to these types of scams, if you ever get into a call with tech support and they begin to do tactics like this on your machine, either close out of the remote program or restart your computer and hang up on the scammer. (Be sure the scammer is OUT of your computer if you decide to tell them you know it’s a scam, otherwise the scammer may get annoyed and try to lock you out of your computer or delete your files.)

Date of Scam:
Basic Information on this company:

Number I called:
(484) 968-8961 (1)

Other Numbers:
800-712-0806 (2)
800-280-4381 (3)

Number Providers:
Plivo/Aerialink (1)

Since: June 22nd, 2016

Since: January 1st, 2017

centertechsolution.com (1)
appletechnicalsupportnumbers.com (2)
iphonesupportnumber.com (3)
hpetechnicalsupportnumber.com (4)
ipadsupportnumber.com (5)
mactechnicalsupportnumbers.com (6)

Website Host:
godaddy.com (1-6)


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