Repair All PC, WebTech World LLC Shutdown and Fined 122 Thousand! | We helped shut them down!

Repair all PC, WebTech World, et all., was a company that we have had ‘beef’ with for two years, a little after SPS was started. It all started out when I scambaited them and exposed them on YouTube in April of 2016 (One of our first 20 videos!) exposing the tactics they used to get victims money as seen in this video here:

Where the company,

“ran the tree command and said that he was “Scanning my computer” then he lied and said the koobface virus was detected.
He also did the net-stat scam were he said there was connections from Russia trying to access my computer. He finally did the usual
‘I don’t have a firewall protection’ and wanted me to buy a new router that he called a ‘firewall'”

After the video was uploaded, the scammers that worked at the company started leaving various comments under many names to try to attract business to their company! (Sounds stupid right? That’s because it is!) To this day, I do not understand their mindset on this one. Why would commenting on the video they were exposed in get them any kind of business? In fact, It would only attract more scambaiters. (Two of the comments shown below, ignore the typos in the second picture in my reply, I was irritated when I replied. Click to enlarge.)

I also, should add, when I did reply, they would delete their comments! What finally made me make another video about this company was another comment I had received from them that was supposed to be from a ‘customer’ stating that this company had successfully helped them update their PC to Windows 10. (Unfortunately, I don’t have the screenshot any longer, it is in the thumbnail of the video below however.) Due to this stupid comment, I made this video and asked them to do what the ‘customer’ said they did.

Needless to say but they didn’t do it. The agent stated that they didn’t do things like that! Huge surprise! After this, no more comments were left on any of the videos. (Again, huge surprise.)

A few days before this video was released the FTC had reached out to me and asked if I could help them in this case that was being put forth against them to which I stated, that I could. Time went by and in December of 2016, I uploaded another video exposing a company known as ‘WebTech World LLC’ and at the time, I didn’t know this company was associated with Repair All PC but once again, The FTC reached out and after this, we got into full swing to bring the company to justice and after many revisions of a deceleration, it was signed and very shortly after the ‘Complaint for Permanent Injunction and Other Equitable Relief’ was filed in April of 2017 and the company was suspended from doing any business as I explained in this article:   (

“Last month on April 24, The FTC filed a ‘TRO’, or Temporary Restraining Order, against Repair All PC which prevents them from conducting and kind of business until there is a court date and an outcome is decided. A court date has not been set at this point in time. Over the past year, we have been working with the FTC to get this company taken down. As of right now, all sites they have used and phone numbers are down. Repair All PC, wasn’t the only company stopped either, other companies in association with Repair All PC were also stopped on a ‘TRO’, these companies being, “Pro PC Repair LLC”, “I Fix PC LLC”, “WebTech World LLC”, “Online Assist LLC”, “Datadeck LLC”, “I Fix PC”, and “Techers247”. This is a major success here at SPS! We took part in helping to remove a scammer that had no business doing business; they were nothing but lying thieves. The FTC has a very strong case against this company, and considering they have video evidence against them that is publicly viewable, they likely hood of this company getting out of this without penalty is about zero and a million. We will update you when more info is available, a video will be made about this subject when we reach the final outcome.” 

WebTech World expose video:

After this, nothing really happened from our end. However, in September, I got another comment from someone at Repair All PC that denied having any relation until I pointed out that he had sales videos of Repair All PC on his channel. (He took them down when I mentioned them.) This idiot was more vulgar than the others, He left multiple comments asking me to do a video with him so he could show everyone how stupid I was. When I accepted the challenge and agreed to do it, he backed out and deleted all of his comments. Here is one comment and reply:

Again, pardon my reply. Just like my scambait videos, I don’t go easy on scammers.  After this nothing happened until recently, I opened the FTC Page for Repair All PC and found out the case was closed in January and that we won! They got fined a whopping 122 thousand dollars and the owners/directors can’t operate any form of tech support business any longer. This is all explained in the video below.

Overall, It doesn’t pay to be a tech support scam company. This is a huge success for SPS and we are grateful to have been given the chance to participate in this case, we hope to help the FTC in more cases in the future!

Message to Scammers:

If you are one of the scumbags that performs these types of scams and or operates a tech support scam company, let this be my direct message to you because I know scammers visit our site regularly, If you think that just because you have been getting away with this for sometime that you won’t be caught well then, that classifies you as an ignorant idiot. You will eventually be caught and the consequences will not be pleasant.


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