“Techno IT Solution” Tech Support Scam | How scammers ‘fix’ a computer

With basically a month of no tech support scambaits, I present you with this uncut, 2 hour monstrosity. This scam company, I do believe has other ties with other companies that I am not listing below because, if they do, it would be repetitive information. Anyway, the scam company is using fake web-based, pop-ups to lure their victims into calling them so they can connect to their computer and lie about problems you don’t have on your computer. Once this scammer was connected, he first, opened up CMD and ran the ‘dir /s’ command which creates a directory listing of files in your computer. This scammer claimed he was scanning my computer when in reality, he was just creating a directory. After this, he went into msinfo32 which gives detailed information about the computer and went to the drivers tab where he lied and said that all the stopped drivers were because of a virus and needed to be running. In reality, these are normally stopped drivers and do not all need to be running. After all this, he lied about the logs in event viewer and went on to explain how he was going to ‘fix’ the machine. Upon ‘fixing’ he attempted to install a cracked version of CCleaner and really did nothing but install Adblock. Which was none of the things he’d said he would do.

Date of Scam:

The scammer opens CMD and runs the ‘dir /s’ command stating he is running a ‘scan’ 14:21
The scammer lies about the stopped drivers 17:00
Lies about event viewer claiming that I have 27 “infections” on the computer 18:30
How the scammer is going to ‘fix’ the computer 19:45
The scammer ‘fixes’ the machine 38:11
Confront 1:58:05

Basic Info on the Company:

Number I called: (Pop-Up Number)

Toll-Free Number Provider:

Other Numbers:
888-369-8430 (1)
888-569-7789 (2)
800-265-0080 (3)

Toll-Free Number Provider:

technoitsolution.com (1)
businessolutions.biz (2)
webzoneitservices.com (3)

Website Host:
godaddy.com (1-3)


Our website: https://stopphonescammers.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stopphonescmmrs/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/StopPhoneScammr

My Personal Info:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: Currently Down

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SPSDevon

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