“Boomerang Technologies” Tech Support Scam | MalwareBytes Impersonators | syskey to Activate Windows

Hey everyone! In this video we call a tech support scam company that goes by the name of “Boomerang Technologies.” I came across this company after reading a Malwarebytes blog (link below) about how they spammed their forms and impersonated them. So me being me, I decided to give them a call. Malwarebytes actually scambaited them and in their video, they installed a pirated version of Malwarebytes, however, my experience with them was different. After the scammer was connected, he looked at the fake pop-up message (Created by ScammerRevolts to bait scammers) and asked me if I had any security in which I replied that I had Comodo on the machine. He acknowledged this and then told me he was going to ‘scan my network.’ So he opened CMD and ran the ‘netstat’ command and lied about the NORMAL incoming and outgoing TCP connections in the machine. After this, he said my Windows wasn’t activated properly so to fix this, he opens syskey, a program that locks people out of their computer. He wasn’t successful with this because I disabled it ahead of time. Lastly, he told me that he was going to have to reinstall Windows and that I need to buy an iTunes gift card for the ‘cloud backup’ of my computer. iTunes doesn’t back up computers, even if It did, a gift card wouldn’t be required to do it. (NEVER trust a company that uses gift cards as a mode of payment!) I asked him about the MalwareBytes article which caused him to hang up.

Date of Scam:

The first tactic, the scammer lies and says he is going to check the ‘network’ on my computer and opens CMD and lies about the active connections. 9:16
Lying about activating Windows but uses syskey instead 12:09
Lies and says that he needs to reinstall windows BUT I need to buy an iTunes gift card so he can ‘back-up’ my computer to iTunes (Which isn’t possible) 14:15
I confront him 16:00

Basic Information on this company:

Number I called:
(888) 260-5014

Toll-Free Number Provider:

Other Numbers:
(855) 675-0083 (1)
(347) 343 5677 (2)
(800) 644-5716 (3)
(800) 323-9330 (4)
(844) 894-7053 (5)
(800) 644-5716 (6)
(844) 805-0382 (7)

Number Providers:
Bandwidth Communications (2)

Antivirus-support-number.com (1) ‏
Boomerangtechnologies.info (2) ‏
antivirustechnicalhelp.com (3)
wisdomsquad.com (4)
seccurityexperts.com (5)
liveantivirushelp.com (6)
antivirusconsulting.com (7)
bluenetworksecurity.com (8)

Website Hosts:
godaddy.com (1-8)

Registered Information for their website: (2)
Name: Andy Perlaza
State / Province: New York
Postal Code 11003
Country: US
Phone: +1.8779272232
Email: [email protected]

*List of websites and phone numbers were found by MalwareBytes (Article Link:) blog.malwarebytes.com/cybercrime/social-engineering-cybercrime/2018/02/boomerang-spam-bombs-malwarebytes-forum-not-smart-move/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social

ScammerRevolt’s Fake Pop-Up:


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/StopPhoneScammr
My Personal Info:

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