“MyTechBay” “EasyTechNetwork” Tech Support Scam | Microsoft Impersonators

In this video we call fake pop-up that claimed that my information was being stolen and that I needed to call “Microsoft Technicians” immediately. As it turns out, these “Microsoft Technicians” operate under the company name “EasyTechNetwork” and also, I later found out “MyTechBay.” This company has now been caught in two videos impersonating Microsoft though their fake pop-ups. They use various scare-tactics to make you believe there is something wrong with your computer when there really isn’t. Such as, lying about the driver files in the Windows prefetch folder, lying about the warranty on my computer (that never existed in the first place) and wanting to charge me for 5 years of fake service at the whopping price of $649.99 for problems I don’t have and for fake services I don’t need.

Date of Scam:

Information I have on this company:
(The information from the previous video is not in this description to save space, if you would like to see this info, please click the link below to see the other video.)

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