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Hi Everyone,

I would firstly, like to thank everyone for their work on bringing ATS (Advanced Technical Support) to justice – it has been a long process with just under a year of hard work.

The FTC has just announced a refund process has begun to refund customers charged by ATS from April 2012 to November – SPS meanwhile will be pushing for this time frame to be increased in due course if possible. Our position remains that we believe all customers should be refunded regardless of the year/date the scam occurred.

Currently, the deadline put in place for refund claims is October 27, 2017 – I would therefore recommend people get their applications in quickly to maximise chances of achieving a refund.

To request a refund you should fill out this form:

OR alternatively you can contact a Refund Administrator on: 1-877-793-0908 (Toll-Free)

For more information on this story please see the following links below:

We will be monitoring ATS closely to ensure they are meeting the requirements and are no longer scamming.

I hope this helps and stay safe.

Best Wishes,



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