FTC Suspends Repair All PC from doing Business! | June newsletter top story

Last month on April 24, The FTC filed a ‘TRO’, or Temporary Restraining Order, against Repair All PC which prevents them from conducting and kind of business until there is a court date and an outcome is decided. A court date has not been set at this point in time. Over the past year, we have been working with the FTC to get this company taken down. As of right now, all sites they have used and phone numbers are down. Repair All PC, wasn’t the only company stopped either, other companies in association with Repair All PC were also stopped on a ‘TRO’, these companies being, “Pro PC Repair LLC”, “I Fix PC LLC”, “WebTech World LLC”, “Online Assist LLC”, “Datadeck LLC”, “I Fix PC”, and “Techers247”. This is a major success here at SPS! We took part in helping to remove a scammer that had no business doing business; they were nothing but lying thieves. The FTC has a very strong case against this company, and considering they have video evidence against them that is publicly viewable, they likely hood of this company getting out of this without penalty is about zero and a million. We will update you when more info is available, a video will be made about this subject when we reach the final outcome.

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