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June 26th, 2017, I called a toll-free number (877-219-8684) that had a spam listing on Google claiming to be Gmail Tech Support, Kindle Support, Cricket Support, Norton Support, you name it they probably used it. So once I called this company, I stated that there was a message on my screen that said system alert. As expected, the scammer wanted to connect to my machine and “diagnose” the issue. He had me go to the GoToAssist website and download their software so he could connect to my machine over the internet.


Once connected, he took a quick look at the message and asked where it came from, I said I wasn’t sure. He then opened CMD and ran the “tree” command which does nothing but creates a tree of all the files on your computer. He ran this a few times and as it was running, he said he noticed there wasn’t any security in my computer. This was completely false, Comodo was running in the system tray in plain site. He also never even bothered checking to see if there was security before he made that stupid statement. He then states my system is infected with so many “wiruses” and says that the tree listing was a virus. Also, as he is stating this lie he is writing in CMD “infected with ciruss.” This was all, of course, a lie.
He then runs the “ipconfig” command in CMD which shows information such as your local IP and general networking info. He lied and stated that my “IP Address was available on the server” and that everyone can check what I’m doing online. This, first of all, that doesn’t make any sense, what server? How can “everyone” check what I’m doing online? The simple answer is they can’t. My IP is not available on any server, that makes absolutely no sense and “everyone” can’t see what I’m doing online. Lastly, he again, reassures me that my security isn’t working even though he never bothered to look at it and see that it was working perfectly fine.

Next, the scammer has Event Viewer open. Event Viewer shows all the logs in your computer that are perfectly normal and are not in anyway shape or form a virus. Take note on how the scammer refines the logs to only show “Critical,” “Warning” and “Error” to make it look like all the logs are viruses. So after he refines what logs show up in event viewer, he tells me that all the normal logs are viruses and they have been running on my computer for a “very long time.” As stated above, these are not viruses they are normal logs that every computer has. Also, the logs were a week old. A week is not a “very long time.”

Furthermore, we lost phone connection and upon the scammer calling back, I ended up getting someone else. Anyway, he opened CMD and went into “ipconfig” as the previous scammer had done and stated that my IP address is causing issues and taking control of my computer. He also said that’s the reason why I was getting all the errors and warnings in Event Viewer. First off, this completely conflicts with the other scammer because he lied and stated that they were all viruses. Second, my IP address is not causing any issues and that’s not the reason why the errors are showing up. Third, if these logs don’t need to be removed like he claimed they do, they are perfectly normal and are not harmful.
Lastly, he makes the stupid statement that the viruses that don’t exist need to be removed in order for the “network security” to work. Funny thing is, he opens Comodo and sees that it’s working perfectly fine and guess what? Comodo is an Internet Security.


After this, the scammer opens up task manager and goes to the “Performance” tab. This tab shows information about your CPU, Memory, etc. The scammer, however, thought that the CPU tab had something to do with the network. He stated that the “Utilization” section of the CPU tab was related to my network when in reality, it’s the percentage of the CPU that is being used by the system and has absolutely nothing to do with the network. He said that I was only using about 50% of my network and to watch what happens when it’s connected to his network. So I watched and the Utilization went to 100%. As I stated above, the CPU section has nothing to do with the network, It said 50% because that’s how much of my CPU was being used. By holding “F5” in this section you can speed up the graph, this is why the utilization went to 100% not because he connected his “network.”

Towards the end of the call he wanted to charge me $599.99 for problems I didn’t have and for services I didn’t need.

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Mark Smith (The First Guy)
Second Guy Unknown

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