“Acer Business Solutions” “ABS World” “AWS World” Tech Support Scam | Cold Caller

I received a robo call on my softphone of someone claiming that there may be ransomware on my computer. This of course I know is false. They called the wrong guy. Once the scammer was connected to my virtual machine, he performed many of the same scamming tactics that are commonly seen among these types of scammers. Lying about the connections in netstat, saying that the services in msconfig or task manager are not normally stopped and lying claiming that the normal errors and logs in event viewer are all viruses when they aren’t. He also, lied and said that I had no security on my computer however, he didn’t even bother checking to see if I had security before saying that. If he would have looked, he would have saw that I have security and it’s working just fine. After all this, he wanted to charge me an insane amount of $299.99 for problems I don’t have and services I don’t need.

Date of Scam:

Information I have on this company:
The people I talked to: (These are their fake names)

Roy Singh Ext. 1022 (The “Technician”)
Dan Clay (The Billing Manager)

Number I called:
I didn’t, it was a cold call. They called under “262626”

Robo-Voice Call Back Number:

Website Numbers:
800-983-1308 (Provided By ATL Communications)
1800 813 645


Website Host:

Registered Information for their website (acerbusinesssolutions.com)

Name: daniela ghinghes
Organization: Acer Business Solutions
Address: 90 tavistock garden
Address: IIford Essex, IG3 9BD
City: Essex
State / Province: IIford Essex
Postal Code: IG39BD
Country: UK
Phone: +91.9999330739
Email: [email protected]

All and All I hope the info above helps someone, and I have reported this scam company, and if you would like to report them as well feel free. You may do as you please with this information.

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