Head Company Behind Scam Operation Found!

~Top Story in last month’s newsletter~

Recently, I uploaded a video on a scam company known as “Tek PC Solutions” this company performs various tech support scamming scare tactics to make you believe that your computer is infected; then charge you for fake services you don’t need and for problems you don’t have. I found this companies number off a spam listing they had created on some random website. Scammers will often spam their phone number all over random websites in hopes that people will call them. After sometime I was able to find out that his company was called “Tek PC Solutions” and I confirmed this when he used the site as a payment gateway. After this the call I took the website and searched for who owns the site and the raw registrar data. This led me to the email “[email protected] “. I did a search on this site and found more sites that were linked to this same email and after at least an hour of digging and finding more info as I went, I was able to find the CEO of the company and the main company that was in charge of “Tek PC Solutions”. The name of this company is “HarkenData” and they are headquartered in New Jersey. Based on the Research that I have conducted, I have confirmed that there are at least 2 call centers in India that run “Tek PC Solutions” There may be more but as of right now this is unconfirmed. Also, It should also be worth mentioning that this company has over 50+ websites registered which are various tech support sites, online shopping sites, and a bunch more random misc. sites that this company owns. A good majority of them list the current toll-free number that “Tek PC Solutions” is using to receive victims calls. There will be an update video on this company very soon, we are still investigating and once we finish we will post all our research to the public.

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