Fake Pop-Up Creators Found!

This is a Fake Pop-Up Creator, Our team member, Adam Brown, was able to capture this screenshot of the crook.

Fake Pop-Up Creators Found!

By: Lewis Hopkins

The presence of pop-ups online has seemed to be decreasing as of recent, but this is unfortunately not the case, as recently a few of the partners of SPS, myself included have discovered multiple pages on Facebook which are full of scammers in the tech support field, they advertise various products and services, an example of a product is a customized fake alert popup with the customer scammer’s toll-free number on, and a message of the customer’s choice, which they can then place on advertising domains which are found on places like misspelled domains and adult websites etc. An example of a service which the scammers are offering for sale on these Facebook pages, are, as unfortunate and scary as it sounds, leads on customers, this includes information such as phone numbers, Social Security(US) and National Insurance(UK) numbers and more information about people as obtained by other scammers. The people who are selling pop-ups on this page for other scammers to use usually charge around 200-400 us dollars for a simple HTML document, which further solidifies the idea that tech support scammers have little knowledge of computers, if they are willing to pay such amounts of money for a simple script which several HTML developers have informed me, and proven to me, can be written in around an hour.  So what next, we have found the scammers openly selling pop-ups on publicly accessible Facebook pages, what can we do?  The simple answer is, not a whole lot. The scammers will continue to find new tactics to distribute their pop-ups online and it is our job to raise awareness so more people know how to spot and how to prevent being taken advantage of, by an individual who has little respect for people, or morals.

I think it is vital for us as scam baiters to show normal individuals such as yourselves the inner workings of the scammer business and how it all works and that is why I have written this information. I hope it has been helpful in highlighting how the scammers operate in terms of trading with each other and in terms of what they trade.

This article was taken from the SPS Newsletter Issue 2-2

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