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This scammer was a very interesting scammer for sure, He claimed that the reason the pop-up came up was to warn me about all the events in event viewer. This is completely false and nothing short of a lie. The pop-up came from mis-spelling a website and the events in event viewer are completely normal events and have no infections. He was going to try to charge me $79 for software that probably isn’t legit and that I didn’t need at all. The “Technician” did no real scans to check anything or perform any legit actions. Once confronted, he hung up like a coward. Go Figure. I ended up calling back and speaking to the manager who didn’t give his name because he knows what crime he is committing.

Date of Scam:

Event Viewer scam 18:55 Claiming I have to be “Notified” by perfectly normal errors and warnings 18:57
He repeats everything that is “wrong” with my computer 39:50
I confront him 48:57
Information I have on this company:
The people I talked to:

Enoch (The ‘Technican’)

Number I called: (Pop-Up Number)

Toll-Free Number Provider:

Direct Company Number:

Toll-Free Number Provider:



IP Info:
Country: United States
State: New Mexico
City: Albuquerque
ISP: XO Communications and or Jasper Technologies

All and All I hope the info above helps someone, and I have reported this scam company, and if you would like to report them as well feel free. You may do as you please with this information.

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