ATS get slapped with $10m fine!

A Scam company covered by me in August has been dealt a big blow by the FTC after being proven guilty of lying to victims and using extreme social engineering tactics to sell victims fake services they didn’t need.

The company got given a $10m fine by the FTC for deceiving customers and selling fake services. This money will be used to settle the case and refund victims.

The company were found guilty of using high-pressure sales tactics to sell fake Tech Support services and also lying about Viruses and Malware on victims PCs – that didn’t exist.

The company has also been given a monitor which will oversea the company for the next two years – this is to ensure the company is no longer deceiving victims.

The company back in 2014 were previously fined $258,000 and unfortunately the FTC failed to shut down the company.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Malwarebytes for making this happen and the hard work they have put in over the last few months to make this such a success.

We at SPS are astonished with the success and thank everyone for there support!

In case you didn’t see it here is my video of evidence regarding the company Scamming:

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