“WebTech World LLC” Tech Support Scam | The wonderful resort to syskey

This tech support scam like many others are creating fake web-based pop-up’s to lure you into believing that you have a virus on your computer and to call “support” immediately even though in reality there isn’t anything wrong with your computer at all. All companies that make these pop-ups are fraudsters and scammers. This company is no exception. Once the scammer connected to the perfectly CLEAN VM (Virtual Machine) set up specifically for catching scammers in their scam, she performed many of the usual scamming tactics that have been seen and reported many times. She first lied about my internet security I had installed on the VM, she said that since it is only the free version it isn’t protecting my computer. This is completely false, no matter free version or paid version, they will still protect your computer. She then went into msinfo32 and for those who don’t know, this displays detailed information about your computer. Once she was in msinfo32 or System Information she went to the Windows Error Reporting tab and lied about the logs that displayed, She claimed that these were “Viruses” that were on my computer. This is false as these logs are completely normal computer logs that you don’t have to worry about and are not viruses at all. Following this scam she then went into the “System Drivers” tab and lied about the stopped drivers, these drivers are normally stopped and they all don’t need to be running at the same time. What she did next shocked me a little, She opened another fake pop-up on purpose that had malicious code inside of it, My antivirus saw it and cleaned it out. She then used this to make it look like that an infection was found on the computer when in reality she is the one that caused it. She then wanted me to pay $249.99 for problems that don’t exist and for services I don’t need. She wanted me to pay by check so once I refused she tried to open regedit (for unethical purposes I’m guessing) but she was too stupid to figure out how to open it and so she went to syskey instead. Once she had syskey open she attempted to put a password on the computer but Thanks to Lewis’s Fake Syskey, she got no where and hung up. I called back and ended up asking for Rose but she “was on a coffee break” So I confronted the manager and he was unable to prove that he was located in New Jersey and had nothing to say about why he is scamming people.

Date of Scam:

Time Stamps:
Windows Error Reporting Scam 13:19
System Drivers Scam 14:12
She purposely opens a fake pop-up with threats attached 18:05
The scammer opens syskey and tries to lock the computer 32:59
I confront the scammer 33:21

Information I have on this company:
The people I talked to: (These are their fake names)

Rose (The “Tech”)

Number I called: (Pop-Up Number)

Toll-Free Number Provider:
Level 3 Communications

Number on the Website:

Toll-Free Number Provider:
Level 3 Communications


Website Host:


IP Info:
Continent: Asia
Country: India IP Location Find In India (IN)
Capital: New Delhi
State: Delhi
City Location: Delhi
ISP: Tata Communications
Organization: Tata Communications

All and All I hope the info above helps someone, and I have reported this scam company, and if you would like to report them as well feel free. You may do as you please with this information.

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