“PC Take Care” Tech Support Scam | He “Removes the Cryptolocker” | The scammer doesn’t mind scamming

This was an expose I wasn’t expecting, I called a fake pop-up in this video and turns out it is “PC Take Care LLC” that has created this fake pop-up and is trying to use it to lure victims. I had previously called this company in my last video and they are still performing the same scams. This time they claimed I had the cryptolocker virus and had no proof to back this up with. He then ran his fake tree command scam and once the tree command finished to quickly for him, he moved the CMD window under the taskbar so I couldn’t see him finishing his fake message. Real Pathetic.
After all this he made a list of things he was going to do to the perfectly fine vm and then wanted to charge me an insane amount of money for a problem that didn’t exist. Then he began to “Clean” the computer and he really did a whole lot of nothing. He for sure didn’t follow or do everything he said he was going to do.

ScammerRevolts Video:

Date of Scam:

Time Stamps:
The CMD Tree command scam 11:24
His list of “Work” that needed to be done to the computer 15:57
He begins “Work” on the computer 27:57
I confront him 55:47

Information I have on this company:
The people I talked to: (These are their fake names)

Nelson, Kevin

Number I called:
844-618-5764 (Pop-Up Number)

Toll-Free Number Provider:
In Use since 2016 for a customer of WilTel Communications

Other Phone Number(s):

Toll-Free Number Provider: (0533)
In Use since 2013 for a customer of WilTel Communications

Toll-Free Number Provider: (8048)
In Use since 2015 for a customer of WilTel Communications


Website Host: (all 3 sites)

Website Info: (same for all 3 sites)

Name: Don Veale
Address: 4 Robin Circle
City: Norton
State / Province: Massachusetts
Postal Code: 02766
Country: United States
Phone: +1.5083697519
Email: [email protected]


IP Info:

Continent: Asia
Country: India
Capital: New Delhi
State: Delhi
City Location: Delhi
Postal: 110024
ISP: Tata Communications

LogMeIn Code: 138626

All and All I hope the info above helps someone, and I have reported this scam company, and if you would like to report them as well feel free. You may do as you please with this information.

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