Fake Tech Support Scam | Claims to be Microsoft

This fraud tech support claims to be many different companies, gmail, yahoo, outlook, and even microsoft. This company is a very typical tech support scammer. I also to truly believe that this scam company cold calls people and lies and says that there are infections on the computer when there really isn’t. I have no proof to back up that they cold call people but it’s very likely. So the first thing the “technician” did was open all my browsers and dig through my search history once he found nothing was there he went in CMD and ran the dir /s command. If you don’t know, This command lists directories in the computer. While the “technician” was running the dir /s command he was typing a fake message “errors found/ip address infected/north carolina/ip addresses infected/ warning found/xxxvideos found/unknown website found/pennsylvania/ ip adress/infected/north carolina/” Which is fake, He said the IP was infected from pennsylvania because the area code on my phone number is in pennsylvania. He had no idea where I was located if he did he would know I’m not located in pennsylvania. The message he typed was fake to try to make me believe that there was truly something wrong with my computer and IP when there was nothing wrong and the were completely normal and have no issues at all. Once he was done with this phase of the scam he ran the “netstat” command and claimed that the IP has been hacked when really the IP that was showing up in netstat was the LogMeIn IP we were connected to. After this I requested a website to look at and he said he was “Microsoft, Windows Department”. After he claimed to be mircosoft he went into event viewer and made it so only the error logs show then he lied and said the normal logs in event viewer where “infections” when they are not they are normal errors and logs. After this he went into msconfig and said that the “infection” stopped services in msconfig, This is false 1 there is no infection and 2 those are normally stopped services and don’t all need to be running at the same time. After his he went into Malwarebytes and claimed it was an anti-virus and because it wasn’t running he thought It was due to not having the paid version. After this he went into NAP or “Network Access Protection” and lied and said it needed to be enabled when really it only needs to be enabled when you are on a domain which I’m not.
Once I confronted him he hung up and I called back and denied all allegations of being a scammer even though this video is solid evidence that he is.

Date of Scam:

Time Stamps:
The “Technician” digging through my browser history 10:19
Opens CMD does the dir /s scam 13:41
The netstat scam that someone connected to my pc 21:57
He says he is microsoft 23:43
He goes on with the event viewer scam 24:05
msconfig scam, claiming stopped services are “not working” 24:22
He claims malwarebytes is “not running” because it’s the free version. 24:52
“NAP” scam 27:57

Information I have on this company:
The people I talked to: (These are their fake names)

Robert Smith “Technician”

Number I called:

Toll-Free Number Provider:

Other Number:


Website Host:

Website Domain Host:

LogMeIn Code: 285199
All and All I hope the info above helps someone, and I have reported this scam company, and if you would like to report them as well feel free. You may do as you please with this information.

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