has a new owner!

A well known site and a proud SPS partner has a new owner! The previous owner, VampsvZombies no longer had time to manage the site and wanted more time to do other things. The site was sold to Samsungrocks10 (a very well known discord user and moderator of SSL) at an unknown price. So what does this mean? Is still a partner? Well I’m happy to say yes! Samsungrocks10 is continuing the partnership. We don’t expect much to change. The site is back online now with the latest taste of website design VampsvZombies used (the site has gone through many design changes). We may see some more changes down the line with Samsungrocks10 taste of website design! VampsvZombies will still be on discord and very active in the scambaiting community. Congrats to Samsungrocks10 for buying! We know the site is in good hands.

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