Fraud Discord Chats

This blog post is to inform everyone of Fraud Discord chats claiming to be the “Scammer Sub Lounge” Which is the name of the Discord server used by our community. Do not trust ANY Discord Server (except official Scammer Sub Lounge, link below)
that claims to be the Scammer Sub Lounge or “The New Scammer Sub Lounge”, The official Scammer Sub Lounge is in the description of every one of my recent videos and videos going forward.

Here is a link to the official Scammer Sub Lounge:

If you enter a Discord Server claiming to be the Scammer Sub Lounge other than the official server provided above, Leave immediately and Report it to our Discord Server. There is no saying if these Fraud Discord Servers are safe or even moderated, Not only to mention they are ripping of the official Lounge.


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