Scammer Debrief: Sophos vs. Scammer

I’m back for the second installment of my new column. SPS has yet to ban the column so its continuing into further notice. Anyway, its been quite a busy few weeks in the world of Scammers with several points of mention.

John at “SuperNin Techno” (Yes, that’s their real name) clearly has spelling problems as his scan results contained dozens of them. He couldn’t manage to spell “Hacking” correctly in the Command Prompt. It sort of ruined the credibility of his so-called scan completely not that it had any! The Scammer also ended up getting owned by Sophos AV which blocked the Scammer payment page. He couldn’t work out that it would work on all browsers including Chrome. I doubt Scammers will be endorsing Sophos anytime soon.

Sadly, reports coming out of Indian News Agency NDTV 24/7 report that the beloved CopperHead has passed away recently. It is believed that during his first actual PC repair he mistakingly put his hand inside a faulty Power Supply while the system was running and died suddenly. Microsoft are said to be aware and will be removing him from the “Micrsoft Certified Technican” database in the coming days.

LivePCExpert recently have become more desperate than ever and were pleaing for me to remove my recent video installment of the companies Scamming in action. I sent them a legit reply and the “Manager Marketing” as they called it has failed to reply since. Such a shame.

Our old favourites Winsurf Technology have since removed all their advertisements from YouTube and the one and only Ben Jackson has ceased to exist. They seem to now want to keep a low profile which I don’t blame.

RepairAllPC are looking for Javascript Writers to design new Scam pop-ups for them. They are now advertising on a popular Indian job site. Their also advertising for posts for new Scammers to join their company. I’m in!

Recently, I called up some Scammer Numbers in the Discord chat and found a popular one everyone seemed to be trolling. The Scammer picked up the phone and asked “Whats your name you are you John?” I replied Yes and the Scammer went on a swearing rampage. “F**k you then!” he replied and slammed down the phone. That was one of the best calls yet!

SupportBuddy is right now having an identity crisis. One website says they are TechCillin and another says their SupportBuddy. Maybe they change their company name every week?

Some Scammers I recently talked to seemed to not like the British very much. His remark claimed he “Hated British People” and also Amercians. I can’t say i’m surprised by that though and maybe it drives them to Scam more innocent people?


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