“Windows Technical Department” | Cold Call Scammer

This scam company cold calls people claiming to be from the “Windows Technical Department” from Atlanta Georgia, When really they are from Srinagar, India. He lied and went into event viewer claiming the events were issues with my computer when the events were completely normal. He also went into msconfig and lied about stopped services. Then ran a fake dir /s claiming he was scanning the computer when really all the dir /s command does is list directories

Date of Scam:

Time Stamps:
Event Viewer Scam 13:00
Msconfig Scam 15:13
Dir /s scam 16:52
I confront him 20:00

Information I have on this company:
The people I talked to: (These are their fake names)


Number I called:
Toll-Free Number Provider:


CNS Infotel Services Pvt.

Country: India
Capital: New Delhi
State: Jammu and Kashmir
City Location: Srinagar

All and All I hope the info above helps someone, and I have reported this scam company, and if you would like to report them as well feel free. You may do as you please with this information.

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