Scammer Debrief

I’m Back! After a brief hiatus from written Scammer based articles I am back and hopefully on a frequant basis delivering this column. I aim to seek out all the news direct from the boiler room and deliver all the findings direct to this column – watch this space!

RepairAllPC are back again with yet more YouTube videos somewhat cliaming they “are not a scam” and you should not listen to any of the various videos produced by some of the partners in the group. They are yet again pushing the idea that they have Certified Microsoft Technicans on stand-by in the call center or boiler room as we in the group like to call it! They also have quite a few channels all based off very fake names much like Winsurf. Maybe Winsurf have been giving them tips? Strangely, in one of their video’s they say they are not a Scammer and are the best tech support company around. Doubt they will get any “official” awards though espcially from Microsoft.

Meanwhile, Winsurf seem to be going through somewhat an identity crisis as of late. One day they say they are “Work and Business Solutions” and another they are Winsurf. Maybe, they are embarrassed of someone’s videos as of late? However, they are at it again with the fake promotional videos on YouTube which are getting more stupid by the day. I hear they are moving on to Aol Support now as they are over Office. During, Bugima’s live stream they cliamed they were now branching out to fix fridge freezers. They most likely will have an advert for Beko Tech Support next week I suppose. Premium Beko Support open for business.

Micro Support are still making BSOD pop-ups however they still have yet to remove their IP from it! Recently, I found another pop-up identical to that one with the IP still on. Maybe, their techs should notice that?

Recently, on Lewis’s live stream the Scammer failed to recognise Ransomware and instead went to using the usual Event Viewer scare tactics. Testlacrypt was installed on the system and the Scammer failed to lift a finger to it. He eventually admitted he had no idea what it was and both me and Lewis had to explain to him the details.

The Tech’s at Live PC Expert are far from Experts – yes really.. When prompted about what RAM was or what was a VM the Scammer Satish Rai failed to give an answer. Microsoft Certified Technican ? Far from it!

Meanwhile, at Geek Tech Support the agents think it is relevent to know your screen monitor size and the manufacturer. I still have know idea how that is relevent.

No, recent hearing from Copperhead as of late. He is expected to receive his award for “Scammer of the Year” in New Delhi in December. Tickets on Sale August for 1 Bitcoin or $100 worth of Moneypak Vouchers.



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